Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Appreciate Your Employees

Recognition Day is a great way of appreciating the timeless effort of the people who contribute to your company's success. A recognition program can make your company more profitable because employees who have been recognized become more engaged in their work and generate a higher level of performance. This produces a strong retention rate.

There are many formal and informal ways to appreciate and thank employees. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

1. Organize a holiday party for the team.
2. Create a hall of fame bulletin where you can put photos of outstanding employees.
3. Set a meeting where you could personally distribute gift certificates.
4. Take coworkers or staff to lunch for a birthday, a special occasion or for no reason at all. Let your guests pick the restaurant.
5. Give a personalized 'Thank You' card.

By doing these things, you'll get the chance of thanking all your deserving people who are valuable assets to your company. A deep appreciation and sincere thanks never grows old. It’s never too late for you to show it.

P.S. If you want to send out a personalized thank you card to an employee, you can send out one for free at:


  1. When I was a schoolteacher, I had a boss (departnment head) that would do two things that kept me highly motivated: 1) he would straight out tell me - "that was great!" - those 3 words do more to show appreciation than anything. 2) he was available for chatting about things. I never felt like an outside. Later, my 8 years as a corporate employee was different - It was rare that I heard those three special words and I often felt like an outsider. Appreciation can be felt by osmosis.

  2. HI Frank,

    It's sad that you experienced this. We all need to feel appreciated. It seems like the manager who said "that was great!" to you was a people manager.

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